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How it works?
Private tuition just went mobile
Help students revise in a format they are familiar with, and get paid doing so.
Create your tutor profile
Secure new students by adding your details to our tutor directory. Tell us all about your experience and qualifications.
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Share your Haay profile on your Instagram and other social channels. It's time to earn from your following!
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Start answering and earning
For every student that subscribes to you directly, you receive a share of the monthly fees...every month!
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Earning with Haay
How do I earn money with Haay?
Just spend an hour every day answering questions, and you may earn more than €1,000 each month!
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Core benefits
Perks of becoming a Haay tutor
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Make an impact
Empower students in need, using images, audio, video, and text messages.
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Set your own schedule
Install Haay on your phone and start teaching anytime, anywhere.
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Reach more students
With a free profile and us advertising on your behalf, we will help you secure new students without investing loads of time and money into marketing.
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